I've recently been thinking about making a move to somewhere new. Now I love living in Norfolk but the idea of being in Devon and by the ocean really is nice.
I've been looking at some local estate agents here and found some lovely houses to go and take a look at.
Now I'm not looking for anything too big, but would love a home that is close to the beach, has a little garden and definitely has a fireplace I could curl up by in the evenings.

New Career Oppertunity For Me

I have great news to share with my followership. I have been recently appointed head of marketing and development for the commercial property group Eger24. My office will be based in Norwich City Centre and will be dealing with clients looking to lease office space in the Norwich area.

Eger24 are one of the United Kingdom’s leading commercial property agents, with 1,000s of offices and commercial spaces available to rent, or even buy at any one time. So big are Eger24 they have offices in every major UK city.

Now I have my dream home and my dream job I will be sure to keep my fellow readers up to date on how my new adventures work out.